Monday, June 25, 2007


Somehow or another, I became entranced with the old train systems that ran throughout this old county. Maybe I was dreaming of something that ran better than our current but archaic public transit system. The rail system, having roots deep in the past, has tendrils that reach into the present and the future, much like a mint plant, "Don't plant it if you don't REALLY like it". The impact is felt all over, city names, street names. The train system also had an impact in the economic development of the area, as does train systems thoughout, but it helped certain organization flourish, and others die out. Just think about the dying of Route 66 in the greater U.S. Like sand dunes, times flow up and then they sink back down with the breeze.

The Iron Horse trail, after a bottle of brandy, revealed itself to me as the old train line, the Iron Horse being that mean old train that thundered down the tracks of the San Ramon diablo Valley.

I came across an old train system map of Contra Costa including the Oakland, Antioch, Eastern Railway, and another, Southern Pacific I believe. It is my desire to assemble all the photos of the old railway stations and trains, do a before and now series. My greater goal in all of this is to map out the train stops of a line, gather a bunch of friends, a igloo of suds on a warm sunny day, and one of those rental four seater pedal powered quadcycles, and hit each site of an old rail stop and crack a can or bottle. Let the good times roll!

-Dedicated to Harold MacPherson for his love of trains. Physical absence, but never absent from ym heart or thoughts


s. daisy said...

I'm ready when you are.

S. D.

Harold said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Your old Army buddy.


Harold said...

Sorry I missed you.

historymaj said...

I am doing a paper on the Hookston Station portion of the old trainsystem of Contra Costa County.
Any information and pictures you could help me with would be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. You can contat me at

Thank you