Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Also lifted from George Emmanuels' "Ygancio Valley". Just repeating, corner of OAk Grove Road and Meinert Road. Perhaps Oak Grove Road was called Walwood road/ Street/ Boulevard/YourMama whatever. Now the area is inhabited by Ygnacio Valley Park. As well, BART tracks are overhead, promoting the theory that portions of the BART line were areas originally inhabited by older railroad lines.

The story of Meinert is interesting as well, due to a story of a child that was killed in some train accident in that area. I am guessing the child's name was Meinert. As well, if the story is true, because the fact that the station is already named Meinert, then the accident must've happened years before this pic was taken. There are stories of Spreckles Sugar Company quarrying limestone out of Lime ridge for their sugar processing, and the usage by that company of using rail cars to ship the lime stone. Possibly, one of these rail cars tipped, crushing young Meinert.


s. daisy said...

Wish I could go back in time.

Smokey said...

Frank, who said the name Meinert came from a boy who was killed at that location in a 1908 haying accident... the link in your post said that he was killed messn with some hay?...very cool history references on your blog dood...I totally read it...!